Deadman’s Bay Path, Part 2!

Well, if you’re going to make serious crack at getting some trails knocked off in the last week or two of the summer, you’re going to need to hike some consecutive days. I kept hearing “chance of showers,” which doesn’t sound so bad, and I do have rain gear, after all, so I figured I’d head out and complete Deadman’s Bay Path the day after part 1. Didn’t need the rain gear and got a nice, cool, cloudy day for a reward! Not much for scenery shots, but great for hiking!

I got to Blackhead and it was pretty grey, and so I decided to focus on making good time as opposed to taking snaps. Ended up taking more than yesterday, I think.

There’s a distinct difference between the northern and southern ends of this trail, with the barachois at Freshwater Bay as a very sharp dividing point. Yesterday’s hike, the northern end, is over the South Side hills, very open, lots of ponds and erratics, a couple of big climbs. Today’s is mostly through the woods, passes some big gulches, and has more of the cliffside scenery than the other half. The trails through the woods are kind of special to me: I feel like I’m on an adventure, leaving the Shire! 🙂

Anyhow, I saw a few interesting birds and this time had my zoom lens. Took a couple of the barachois as well, one of my favorite places. Too bad the folks who like to party there don’t keep it a bit cleaner (to be fair, at least the garbage has been gathered in one place…). Anyhow, a few pics below!

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