Brigus Head Path

edit_5436 Brigus Head Path is a 6.5 k “moderate” trail with an optional return over land along the old Southern Shore highway, making it an 8 k loop. It’s a highly recommended return trail, easy to find and very short, although hikers should be aware of boggy patches and wet stretches. Heather took her rubber boots and we were both happy with this undeveloped trail.

The trail begins on a cart/ATV path from the wharf on the south end of Brigus South, through tall grass, thistle, berries, and wild roses. The community itself is gorgeous. The trail skirts the scenic beach at Timber Cove where we observed a cormorant hanging out with some gulls, and a bird of prey, possibly a northern harrier, hanging out along the edge of the shore. The cart path continues inland until the trail splits; the path continues on and is the exit point for the Old Southern Shore highway that we follow back.

The trail heads along the shore behind the cover of trees, passing Herring Cove where bald eagles have been sighted, and then up over Herring Cove and along cliff edge. The viewpoint over Hares Ears is spectacular. It continues up over Brigus Head where it meets an overland route. The view of Cape Broyle Head and the cliffs leading to it along the Cape Broyle Head Path are visible from Brigus Head and look to be an incredible hike! Past Deep Cove, a side trail at the complexly-named Tar Cove Point Cove leads to a grassy lookout.

We saw an interesting phenomenon at a river feeding into Point Dennis Cove! Check these pics out:

Those are droplets of water firing straight up in the air! At this point, the trail is about 100 m above the water, so we’re not seeing splashing waves: it was really windy, and it appears that the water running over the rocks was splashing and spraying back up! It looked like a mini Spout! 🙂

Passing a grassy area that was once the settlement known as Bills Tar Cove, a side trail to Tar Cove Beach is a must see and is an easy walk. The trail passes a couple of gulches and passes over a rock shelf before heading inland at Wolf Head, eventually coming to an end in the community of Admirals Cove after following a cart/ATV path that widens into a gravel road.

The return trip begins at a group of houses/cabins where the junction between the trail and the Old Southern Shore highway occurs. Approaching from Admirals Cove, the old road is an uphill trail on the right, with a white cabin at its beginning. I always kick myself for not documenting the beginnings/branches of these access and unofficial trails better… I don’t have a picture of this branch, something that would certainly be helpful to other hikers attempting the loop. At any rate, it is hard to miss, and is an easy walk, not maintained but easily traversed.

Check out the pics below. Click to see them in more detail!

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