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Starting the Spring/Summer Hiking Plan!

Hi folks! I sent off my membership application for the International Appalachian Trail, Newfoundland and Labrador chapter today! Pretty exciting stuff. I’m looking forward to getting access to the maps and GPS tracks that come with membership. I’m still undecided as to which course to take for my “big” hike this spring/summer, but one or more of the trails along the IATNL route is a strong possibility… I was thinking that I might hike the Grand Codroy Way, Starlight Trail, and then take the IATNL long distance route to Stephenville, if such a thing is feasible… can’t wait to get the maps in hand and figure it out! Anyhow, that’d be about 200 km, so a week or two of solid hiking. It promises to be an incredible experience.

The other possibility I batted around is a through-hike of the East Coast Trail… it’s almost 100 km longer than the IATNL option, but I’d be home for at least one night when the trail passes through St. John’s… decisions!

Whichever “big” hike I take on, I’ll be doing my warmup hikes on the ECT… I have yet to do the Motion/Spout twosome (for shame!) so that’ll be very early in the season… first chance I get with camera-friendly weather!

All credit for the above image goes to the IATNL. You can see the full version on their webpage!