Deadman’s Bay Path

edit_3921Deadman’s Bay Path is the entrance to the Southern end of the trail: from here, one heads out of St. John’s, towards Blackhead, Cape Spear, and on to the Southern Shore. Beginning in Fort Amherst from the Northern end of the trail, hikers are immediately tested with a steep uphill section that gets the blood pumping!

Once the climb up over the first rocky 500m or so of trail is done, hikers will cross the sparse vegetation atop the South Side Hills, dotted with small ponds and small trees. The map cautions hikers to stay on the established trail so as not to damage sensitive lichen and whatnot along this path, and that’s good advice.

Approaching Freshwater Bay, the trail joins a community path. This has always been a popular area for tourists and locals alike and sees a lot of use: it can be accessed from the Cape Spear highway just outside of Shea Heights. The path takes hikers to the edge of Freshwater Bay where a side trail takes hikers to a viewpoint and the main trail to the spectacular Freshwater Barachois, a long wall of rocks separating the pond from the bay. This is the highlight of the trail and hiking across it is an experience.

Past this point the trail becomes more of a woods path. After skirting a few gulches, the trail opens up and crosses rocks as it heads into Blackhead.

Check out some pics below!

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