Tinkers Point Path

edit_4640Tinkers Point Path picks up where the Beaches Path leaves off, in Mobile. The trail starts at a turnaround in Mobile just past the High School. We parked in the turnaround; there’s lots of space for hikers to park. The trail begins as a cart/ATV path that goes by a cabin and some private property, and then starts along the rocky coast. Like the Beaches Path, Tinkers Point Path is gentle, with no significant climbs, though there are sections that pass close to cliff edges. Some spectacular views are available at Deep Cove, Cape Canine, and Kearney’s Beach (where a walkway is built out to a viewpoint) on the way to Tinkers Point.

Tinkers Point itself is a grassy point of land where you’ll see some erosion at the rocky point, so be careful. It borders on Vales Meadow, the site of some former settlement, where an old stone well and the remains of two root cellars can be found. Past this, seating is available at scenic Nick’s Cove for a break. Continuing, a beautiful cobblestone beach can be accessed from the trail, which proceeds to Beachy Cove, where the trail passes through a thick section of thistle and over a stone bridge. The signs of settlement are visible as the trail enters the woods near Tors Cove, with rock walls and concrete as the trail makes its way into town via Ambroses Lane. When the trail exits the woods, spectacular Tors Cove is ahead. The trail goes by a couple of beautiful old houses before a side trail heads down to Lower Beach, across from which Fox Island is visible, sheep grazing in the meadow on its side. The main trail continues along a steep grassy bank, over the fish plant, and finally ends at Sacred Heart Church in Tors Cove.

Check out some pictures of the trail below. Click to see the pictures in more detail and to browse the gallery!

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