Weekend Snowshoe Trip to the Beaches Path!

Hi folks! It was bright and sunny for the most part yesterday, and I was ready to hike fairly early, so I figured I’d take advantage spend a few hours in the woods. I decided to snowshoe out over the beautiful Beaches Path between Witless Bay and Mobile. Hoping that the trail was in the shape that the neighboring Tinkers Point was in, I strapped on the snowshoes and headed out. As you can see from the pics, this trail required the snowshoes, and required a bit more trudging through snow than what I had seen on my other snowshoeing trips this spring! It was great fun, firing through the mostly unmarked snow past Breaking Point at the 2.8 km point. That made for 3.5 km or so of immaculate snow-covered trails through thick woods with little wind and the sun beating down: spectacular!

I made my way to the Mobile trailhead and headed back, which was made somewhat easier by following my own footprints through the soft spots. There were plenty of those, as the spring weather has started to soften up the wet spots. The places where plank bridges cross marshy areas are interesting tests on snowshoes, as they’re typically covered with pillars of snow. Crossing rivers and climbing stairs are definitely the bane of the spring snowshoer’s existence. There was deadfall at regular intervals as well, unfortunately: the volunteers have a bit of work ahead of them once the snow melts. Most are easily passable and the one that’s tough to climb can be detoured around.

The trail is easy to follow from start to finish, especially now that my big feet have been over it! I encourage you to get out and check it out… be cautious when the trail approaches hills and crosses rivers and you’ll be good! Check out the pics below!

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