Welcome to Heather and Gerry’s New and Improved Hiking Page!

Hi folks, and welcome to the relaunch of our hiking blog! We had fun creating this blog, and decided that the best way to continue from here, especially given that our hikes are carrying us beyond the East Coast Trail, would be to host the blog on a server away from WordPress.com, giving us full control and allowing us to expand our little dedication to the trails of the beautiful province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The plan is to continue building pages for trails as we hike and photograph them, and to post with trail updates, discussions about gear, and whatever other hiking-related things might come into our minds!

Thanks for stopping by, and keep checking back as we add and expand! Next step is the addition of the Cobbler’s Path and Stiles Cove Path pages, and some chatting about the summer hike schedule! See you soon!

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