The Cotton Carrier StrapShot

Hi folks! This is something a little different for this blog, but I was so overjoyed with some of my recent hiking purchases that I thought it’d be nice to dedicate a little of my web space to promoting these fine products! First up is the Cotton Carrier StrapShot. Designed with hikers in mind, this fine piece of equipment allows the hiker to secure the camera to his or her backpack straps, which is of course far superior to carrying it around one’s neck, and it locks in place, keeping your camera safe!

For anyone who read my account of my Motion/Spout adventure, you’ll know I was forced to stow my camera halfway through the Spout path due to the strain of carrying the thing. While I had vowed to eventually get a StrapShot before this experience, it crystallized my desire to get the StrapShot and test it out ASAP. The day after I got home from my long hike, I placed an order for one, and it arrived in time for my hike a couple of weeks back on Father Troy’s Trail. I’ve since taken it out on the Sugarloaf Path and the Stiles Cove Path, and I can honestly say it’s one of the most significant hiking purchases I’ve made!

The system is simple to set up and use. Similar to a tripod mount, the locking system attaches to the bottom of the camera. The strap that it locks into is attached to the straps of the hiker’s pack, using both strong velcro wrapped around the pack strap, and attachments on both the top and bottom of the apparatus.

On my first hike with the system, it made a world of difference. My camera was comfortably attached to my pack and the weight of it in my hand or around my neck was simply gone. That said, I found the system sliding up and down as I removed the camera or placed it back into the holder. This was inconvenient and leads to the only issue I had with the system: though I managed to get it fixed in place for my next hike, it took some “jury-rigging” of the top and bottom attachments, since there was no clear way to attach these to my pack. It’s something that I’ll continue to tweak.

That said, the difference between this system and the standard neck strap is astronomical. As someone who insists on carting his camera on every hike, this is an ideal solution. Lightweight, simple, and effective: a great piece of hiking equipment! Pick it up at camera shops around town or online!

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