2016 Season is Underway!

Plenty of folks have been on the trails but I’ve been lazy for the past few months. I’m a bit out of shape but the best way to get back into hiking shape is to hike! As is becoming a tradition, I decided I’d start the year with a hike on the Biscan Cove Path, a favorite of mine.

In terms of trail conditions, there is only one tiny (ie. 1m) patch of snow on the entire 7kms of trail, so I’ll go ahead and call it ice free! The trail is in great shape and isn’t even that muddy considering the season. River crossings are easy: it doesn’t seem like they’ve swollen much with the melting of snow.

One change that concerned me since the last time I hiked the trail: at a small gully past Big Bald Head traveling north, there is a new, unmarked branch. It is easy for hikers to take the wrong branch here as the ECT typically stays with the coast but the correct branch is the one to the left. The one to the right is an ATV trail, and it looks fairly well established. Following the trail reveals a large area of cutaway just off the path, which is very disappointing. Perhaps it’s time we rally government for boundary/corridor lands for the ECT in the style of the Appalachian Trail. Pics of the branch below.

It started as a gray day but the sun came out as I rounded White Point and despite the waves there wasn’t a breath of wind. A spectacular day for hike number one! Now to lose this winter weight and get my legs back in shape!

Pics below!

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